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Open Source Projects
Dynamics AX 2012 Admin Tools
Reference for Config PowerShell Scripts
Reference for Setup PowerShell Scripts
Reference for TFS Build Activities
Workflow Examples
Automating Builds - Part1
Automating Builds - Part2
Automating Builds - Part3

Official Microsoft Blogs
MSDN - Issues Concerning X++
MSDN - Microsoft Dynamics AX Support
MSDN - Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX
MSDN - Dynamics AX Performance Team Blog
TechNet - Dynamics AX In-Market Engineering
MSDN - Dynamics AX Business Intelligence
Community - AX Resource Pages

Must-Know Sites
Official Microsoft Dynamics AX Community Site
Microsoft's WebSearchAx
Dynamics InformationSource (AX Customer/Partners Only)
Dynamics Lifecycle Services (AX Customer/Partners Only)
Dynamics AX User Group (AXUG)
Microsoft's Dynamics AX 2012 AxERD Website (Database Entity Relationship Diagrams)
MSDN Code Samples (search on Dynamics AX)
Microsoft Download Center (Search on Dynamics AX for guides and whitepapers)

Blog: Dynamics AX Musings
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