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Query Functions: SysQueryRangeUtil Extensions

Aug 14, 2018
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Now that overlayering is a thing of the past, how does one add methods to SysQueryRangeUtil as explained in my old post from back in 2013?

Simple. Create your own class, name it whatever you want. Add a static method as described in the old post. The only difference is that you just put an attribute on top of it indicating that it’s a query range utility method… So the method used in the old post, would now just look like this:

public static str customerTest(int _choice = 1)
    AccountNum accountNum;
        case 1:
            accountNum = '1101';
        case 2:
            accountNum = '1102';
    return accountNum;

If you’re look for an example in the standard code, you can find class “SysQueryRangeUtilDMF” in the AOT.


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