I'm Joris "Interface" de Gruyter. Welcome To My

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I occasionally make games as a hobby. Game Jams (essentially, hackathons for video games) are my weekends where I gear up and make some stuff...
My traditional art skills leave much to be desired, so usually the graphics and UI design are super basic. Recently I've been trying to find free assets to use to make the games a bit more appealing.
However, I'd like to think I can come up with some interesting gameplay mechanics. Several of these games are nice prototypes that would not be bad games to be iterated over with more game design ideas and better art. Oh well :-)

Here are some recent games I submitted for "Ludum Dare":

  • Ludum Dare 52 Jam: "Harvest". I made this game in Unity 3D over the weekend. The assets are mostly from several free asset packs from the Unity store.
  • Ludum Dare 51 Jam: "Every 10 seconds". This game was also made in a weekend using Unity 3D, using assets from the great Kenney.nl.
  • Ludum Dare 49 Jam: "Unstable". Made in Unity 3D over the weekend, models and graphics all made with my fantastic Blender and Paint.net skills...
  • Ludum Dare 48 Jam: "Deeper and Deeper". This game was made in Game Maker, the first time I used this engine. I liked the simplicity of making 2D games in Game Maker, but their licensing model has become problematic so I decided not to play with it much more.
  • Ludum Dare 47 Jam: "Stuck in a Loop". Made in a weekend using Unity 3D, showing my off my awesome artistic abilities.